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 International Finance company – Lebanon S.A.L is a financial institution founded on March 2,2006 and registered in the Central  bank of Lebanon as per resolution no.: 9279 and listed under No. 41 on the financial Institutions list.


IFC – Lebanon S.A.L has been registered in Beirut commercial register on February 18, 2006 under no. 1005416.

IFC is affiliated to International Finance company – Kuwait that was established in 1980 and is one of the main companies operating in the filed of financing sales by repayable by convenient installments. Both companies are also members on International Financial Advisors (IFA).


IFC main's object is to carry out in Lebanon all kind of credit activities stated in the Lebanese "code of Money and Credit among which:


 Supplying individuals and companies with all types of loans (car, personal, electronics, furniture, housing and travel loans).


Issuance, distribution and marketing of credit cards and other types of plastic cards as permitted under the laws of Lebanon and authorized by the bank of Lebanon.


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